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Gobustan national park (petroglyph reserve)

Gobustan is famous for its rock drawings dating back to 40,000 years. This site is considered as the one of earliest inhabited settlement of people in Azerbaijan and reflects the activities of ancient people such as dance rituals, hunting scenes, carpentry and the images of animals. It is located a bit further from Baku – 64 km to southwest of Baku.The easiest way to get there is to get a bus number 88 or 120 from the bus stop which is by Sahil metrostation and get down on “20-ci sahe” (20th area). Then take a bus number 195 which will take you to Gobustan district. Take a taxi from there and in 5 minutes you are in Gobustan museum, where you will buy tickets. Now, go up and enjoy the petroglyphs.

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